Intrapreneurs at Peripheral Maker Achieve Growth & Social Impact

Artemis’ entrepreneurial approach and experience crafting organizational strategy for intrapreneurial businesses helps create a center of excellence

About the Client

The client is an intrapreneural team within a leading global manufacturer of input and interface devices, with offices in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.


An executive in charge of incubating a new intrapreneurial business within a $20B parent company needed guidance to create an organizational strategy. 

The small and nimble internal team sought direction on how to be part of a large organization while staying entrepreneurial. The team also wanted an external point of view on their core capabilities and how those could translate into working in this new space.


The team had a number of daunting challenges in front of them. In addition to managing their day-to-day responsibilities, they needed to develop a product strategy and go-to-market plan for the new business unit—while navigating the intrapreneurial waters within a multinational corporation.

The pandemic led to some surprises in their business, most notably a multimillion-dollar surge in demand from a new channel and customer base that the team knew little about. 

Although this surge was a positive surprise, they still had to map out the resources required to capitalize on the opportunity and develop a pitch to share the vision within the parent company.

Moreover, the team sought to acquire intelligence on where the new market was going over the next five years so they could stay on top of the trends. 

Their to-do list was already spilling off the page. It was too much for a small team to make headway on. Plus, they were passionate about another key initiative: being more strategic in giving back to the community, and embedding a philanthropic and social impact strategy in their business.

The backlog was growing, and they didn’t have the time or internal resources to move beyond their regular commitments.


The team knew they needed an experienced outside group to help them build a strategy for a brand-new channel and customer type (and tackle the rest of the to-do list). 

They engaged with Artemis because of the firm’s industry knowledge and connections, their willingness to roll up their sleeves, and their entrepreneurial approach.


Over a 14 week timeline, Artemis:

  • Helped drive alignment within the team
  •  Formed strategic partnerships with several new organizations, including a key academic center
  • Led the work of establishing the client’s first-ever center of excellence. This provided strong tailwinds to the intrapreneurial team and laid the groundwork for other intrapreneurs to excel within the organization in the future.

"There was a moment where [our] internal team wasn't aligned. Right after a workshop, the [Artemis] lead shared that [it] didn't go how she had intended and proposed a few approaches for getting the internal team to own it more, [including] having one on ones."