Announcing: Ascend Leadership Summit 2018

During the last year, through our initiative Project Ascendance™, we interviewed a diverse group of over 200 leaders in a variety of roles and industries. We listened to their stories, recognized patterns and trends, and identified common themes and barriers in their leadership journeys. We’re ready to share what we’ve learned.

While people head nod on diversity, equity, and inclusion being important, there is still a lot of talk compared to the small amount of action taking place. This last year brought us many movements and hashtags that introduced the conversation around racial and gender equity back into the national conversation. Yet, action remains sparse. That’s why we’re launching ASCEND, a new leadership summit focused on actions, tactics, and strategies that will advance more women and people of color into decision-making positions of power throughout the private sector. We know there’s more everyone can do to help all talent ascend and thrive. Through a day of unforgettable keynotes, panels, workshops, and fireside chats from some of the most inspiring and provocative voices in business, we hope to inspire our attendees – you – to not only talk and listen, but to take action wherever you can.

Welcome to our inaugural ASCEND Leadership Summit, which is part of the Project Ascendance movement. Join us on May 30th at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond. Registration is open now until we’re full. We can’t wait to see you.

What if I can’t make it?

We’ll be taking the summit to other cities. Subscribe here to stay informed as to where. Every day you can ask yourself “Who have I helped today?” Is there someone who is excluded that I could create an opportunity for?

Who are we?

Who is Artemis? In 2016 we started the 4.5% promise because we believe it is each of our responsibility to make the world a better place. Given we’re a strategy firm, we’re committed to positive impact, scalable solutions that we can measure over time. We believe it is important to interact with people different from ourselves. And given many of us have economics backgrounds, we believe open sourcing and sharing what works in diversity, inclusion and equity is a positive externality that will strengthen communities.


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Christy Johnson

About the Author

Christy Johnson is an entrepreneur and educator, and Founder & CEO of Artemis Connection. She believes that people are an organization's most important asset and by having a diverse workforce, organizations will have the most innovative solutions.