Early education case

Education non-profit facing loss of funding develops sustainable finance model aligned with mission.


increase in alignment of the board and the nonprofit team


increase in alignment of the board and the nonprofit team


additional services offered to diversify funding support for the nonprofit


EdU has a large family office that funds its mission to grow and develop talent wanting to advocate for our youngest humans. The program puts theory into practice and offers knowledge and skills that early educators can apply at work every day — in the classroom and beyond.

The nonprofit had been selling materials to faculty (85%) and state professional development orgs (15%) for several years. Most content is free. Currently only 25% of revenue comes from customers and 75% from philanthropy

Faculty don’t have budgets, and are resistant to teaching with fidelity. IHEs have difficulty reaching underserved groups. EEdU is, therefore, looking for a more direct business model selling either to state agencies or other sources. Right now, their top need is to build a sustainable finance model while staying true to their mission.


Major funder, a well known family office, said funding would stop in 2 years and that the nonprofit needed to hae a sustainable funding model.


Assess and baseline current states with subject matter experts and Catalyze high priority projects quickly:

  • Overview of ECE space, a handful of potential business models based on stakeholder input, overview of financial sources/options
  • Fleshed out business model options, recommendation criteria and ranking of model options, financial projects for models
  • Refinement of models. Possible public marketing plan, ECE survey, or impact assessment test


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