Dana loves storytelling and creative problem solving. She brings this passion to everything she does. As a marketing strategist, Dana has worked with companies big and small, from Fortune 100 companies like Nestlé and 3M to venture-backed startups, helping them create strategies that drive meaningful experiences for their customers and employees.  

Dana has experience leading CPG teams to develop products and programs, from frozen food to philanthropy, and believes teamwork is the secret sauce to every successful project. Prior to her CPG experience, Dana lived in San Francisco where she advised startups including Ring Central, CloudFlare and Grand Rounds, on their launch strategies and communications planning. 

Dana is a member of the North Leadership Council in Minneapolis, an organization dedicated to creating a more inclusive culture within the Twin Cities, where she developed the council’s programming and events strategy. She’s also a voluntary marketing strategist for her regional Planned Parenthood organization.  

In her down time, Dana loves to make things, you can find her painting, knitting, or baking while having in-depth conversations with her loquacious cat, Archer. She lives in Minneapolis with her cat and equally chatty husband. Dana graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin—Madison.