Fractional Chief Strategy Officer: Overview

What is a fractional Chief Strategy Officer?

A fractional Chief Strategy Officer is a flexible strategy partner fully embedded in your team, for the amount of time you need. Whether part-time or full-time, short-term or long-term, a fractional CSO can help tackle your organization’s most pressing strategic needs.

Why would I hire a fractional Chief Strategy Officer?

Fractional CSOs, like all fractional executives, enable you to get the results you need without committing to a long-term, full-time hire. Maybe you’re in between CSOs and need a short-term fill, or maybe you’re waiting to hire a CSO until you raise another round of funding, or maybe you just need long-term but part-time support. Investing in a fractional CSO lets you focus on getting the strategic work itself accomplished, with the flexibility you need.

Why should I partner with Artemis Connection to hire a fractional Chief Strategy Officer?

Artemis Connection has a successful track record of partnering with strategy and operations generalists, especially MBAs and former consultants, to tackle clients’ strategic challenges and deliver measurable results. While we often structure our client work as typical consulting engagements, with a defined question to answer and set of materials to deliver, increasingly our clients are asking for a more embedded option. Therefore, we’ve built up our staff augmentation services, focusing on the core skill set – strategy – of our consulting network.

Would my organization be a good candidate for a fractional Chief Strategy Officer?

If you have strategic work that your team can’t accomplish – whether due to capacity gaps or skill gaps – there’s a good chance your organization could benefit from a fractional CSO. Please contact us to discuss your needs, so we can brainstorm some potential embedded solutions for you.