Interested In JOINing OUR TEAM?

At Artemis Connection, top strategy consultants are passionate about helping innovative leaders reach their goals. We believe people are at their best when they are part of an impactful team, when they feel that the work they do on a day-to-day basis adds value, and when they feel that they are truly building towards something great.


Perks and Benefits

Integrate Work & Life

We provide a space for the best consultants to lead high-level strategic work while still having a life. We offer a flexible work environment and a generous PTO plan.

Work from Anywhere

We value geographic flexibility. Not only does it allow us to tap into top talent, but also diverse people. Say goodbye to commuting into the office, and hello to work on your terms.

Giving Back

Giving back is built into our business model. The Artemis team has 4.5% of their time set aside for the sole purpose of changing lives, communities, and organizations.

We work as a team

We work together to provide our clients with a variety of skills and expertise. This collaborative approach provides our employees with career advancement, development of new skills, flexibility, and work-life integration.

We value our people

We believe employee satisfaction leads to higher engagement, productivity, and ultimately retention at our firm.

Do Meaningful Work

We were founded with the belief that diverse teams in the right conditions will yield the most innovative solutions. Our team feels fortunate; we get to do the strategic work we love for amazing leaders while working with a supportive team.

   Letter From Our Founder & CEO

 Letter From Our Founder & CEO

                       Our Team

                     Our Team

                        Our Work

                      Our Work