Jon helps clients understand how their business systems and the cultures they foster can create subtle barriers to the advancement of women and other underrepresented groups. Using qualitative methods and insights from the social sciences, Jon works with clients to create evidence-based diversity strategies that treat employees equitably and foster inclusive workplaces where everyone experiences a sense of belonging. This approach, validated by research, ensures that clients have a leg up on their competition for attracting, promoting, and retaining the very best talent in their industry.

In addition to his industry work, Jon also conducts academic research on executive recruitment firms and STEM professionals' perceptions of their workplaces. His doctoral research explored how women in technology firms frequently engage in invisible and often unrecognized additional labor in order to negotiate belonging in their workplaces. This labor around professional clothing, interaction, and emotion management is a reflection of bias in workplace cultures. In addition, he found that the onus to engage in this labor shifts from professional attire to emotion management as employees transition from entry level positions into management roles.