The Future of Work is here: what Gen Z summer analysts want

The summer analyst program at Artemis Connection focuses on sharpening skills and gaining experience through active client projects. We place great value on learning through investigation, peer collaboration, and real-time problem solving, which leads to innovation for our clients and our team. Each summer, we are energized by the intern cohort’s fresh perspectives and eagerness to grow. In 2019, we welcomed our largest cohort to-date when nearly 20 summer analysts joined our June kick-off in Seattle, WA.

Wins for clients and summer analysts

The Artemis summer cohort leadership team, comprised of seasoned analysts from previous cycles, led the cohort through weekly check-ins and recurring virtual meet-ups to establish support and trust. This shared space to explore topics, such as managing workload in a flexible, remote environment, problem solving for excellence, and balancing coursework with project work, were engaging sessions with immediate impact in day-to-day work. 

Artemis interns are known for their creativity, dedication, and quick learning. They rolled up their sleeves and dove into the work, impressing our clients throughout the summer. It was a thrill to see them expand their knowledge and add value from day one until heading back to their campuses. 

Moments of Impact shared by our clients and team

  • Working with the Artemis summer analysts was a welcome breath of fresh air! The quality of work was consistently high and efficiently executed. They allowed us to increase the scope and depth of two projects that otherwise would have taken us much longer. One of these projects was already in motion and our analyst got up to speed quickly and generated client-facing materials and organized data without us missing a step. Not only were the analysts professional and smart about the work but they brought skills and thinking that were fresh – and frankly offered perspective that neither I nor my team would have generated without their contributions. We were so pleased with our analyst’s work that we listed them as a contributor on a major national report. It was an enormous benefit for us to be able to leverage exceptional talent for short-term, specific projects that needed technical skills, the occasional slog through the mundane, and a willingness and aptitude to think quickly and analytically. – Artemis client
  • After only a couple weeks into the Artemis program, one analyst leveraged their undergrad experience and academic tools to conduct market analysis and drive research into healthcare legislation to help inform the decision making of a long-standing client. – Artemis Associate
  • During the Customer Development Phase of a project for a children’s hospital, one of our summer interns drove our efforts to get in touch with one of the key groups we identified in a record amount of time. It is fun to work with the talented interns who bring a fresh perspective, creativity, and agility to the projects. – Artemis Collaborator
  • Two of our summer analysts travelled to a client site to conduct interviews (including leading some interviews) to help build a mission, vision, and values for the client. The client was happy with our work, and hired us for an additional contract. – Artemis Engagement Manager

Key takeaways from the Artemis Connection 2019 summer program participants 

  • We are all problem solvers.
  • It was great to have the opportunity to interact with clients, see my slides presented to them, and have an active role in a project.
  • Opportunities to learn quickly are invaluable in your early career – Artemis provided that for me this summer.
  • Embrace ambiguity. Ask questions and be vocal. Communication is key.
  • You get out of an experience what you put into it. Every action you take or do not take sets a precedent for those around you in forwarding a company culture.
  • Don’t underestimate myself – have confidence, keep learning and asking questions, seek opportunities to grow and make changes from within.
  • Learning how to efficiently synthesize results, make concise, pointed, and meaningful summaries, build a good slide, ask good questions, and work with others.
  • Becoming more creative with problem-solving solutions by having to delve into research on topics I was not previously familiar with.

What advice do you have for the next cohort?

  • Be patient, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your manager or other interns if you feel lost!
  • Take ownership of the work you are given. Always ask if you can take the work even further/suggest new ideas so that you can help alleviate some of the work from your managers.    
  • Dig in right away and work with confidence. Learn what you can about how consulting and Artemis work and then dig into your responsibilities. 
  • You have access to mentors and a community – take advantage! Get in the habit of asking your peers to help you learn and practice skills in excel and data analysis. 
  • Peer and mentor coaching requires intentionality, but is a powerful way to help you grow and feel a sense of community in the remote workplace.
  • Lean into your projects; be proactive about asking questions and looking for opportunities to explore areas you’re interested in.

About the Artemis Summer Analyst Program

The Artemis summer internship program involves in-person and weekly virtual learning opportunities. This year, we started with a deep dive into strategy consulting to build a toolkit for tackling projects from kick-off to wrap-up. This in-depth training, led by an industry expert with decades of experience solving hard problems with rigor for clients across industries, included online collaborating and two virtual check-ins throughout the summer. 

We host bi-weekly learning labs on a variety of timely topics to advance foundational project  and client relations skills. This summer, we covered a variety of topics, such as developing and interpreting financial models, relationship building and making clients successful, leading with humility to gain trust, professional writing and editing, identifying excellence, decision making on whether to pursue grad school, preparing for interviews and tips for crafting a stand-out resume, and so much more.

Interested in applying to be part of the 2020 Artemis Summer Program?

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