Bethelehem Engeda


My role at Artemis is to do thorough research and analysis to produce great strategies that businesses can utilize. As part of the team, I am able to research trends of different industries, do data analysis, problem solve, and present effective strategies. I really enjoy the work that I do because it pushes me outside of my comfort zone, and allows me to have a say in creating business strategies that end up helping organizations that I am passionate about. Working as part of Artemis Connection has been a great experience because I have the opportunity to work with a team that is extremely passionate about the work that they do, and I always have the support I need to make sure I am maximizing my potential. My philosophy is to approach every challenge with an open mind, and to make sure to create a great relationship with my client. With these two ideas in my mind, I am able to approach and produce work that best supports the goals of my client.


I am currently a rising sophomore at Stanford University that will be graduating with a bachelors in Management Science and Engineering and a minor in Data Science in June of 2023. I’ve always been interested in merging my passions in business and technology for social good, which has led me to several areas including diversity and inclusion, computer science, and finance. I really enjoy focusing on work that can help those of underrepresented backgrounds, especially those of low-income, first-generation backgrounds like myself because I understand the complexities that come along with these circumstances. In terms of some fun things about me, I love watching shows like 90 Day Fiance and On My Block. I really enjoy listening to a variety of music, from ‘80s soul music to modern R&B. I’ve never traveled outside of the country before, but I hope to visit at least 10 countries by the time I turn 25. After Stanford, I look forward to pursuing an MBA and then going into a career that incorporates all of my passions!

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Areas of Expertise
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Management Science and Engineering, Data Science - Stanford University
  • San Leandro, CA
More about Beth
Professional Background
  • CoFounder, National Diversity & Inclusion Team Member - Scholars of Finance
  • Finance Intern - Operation HOPE
  • Computer Science Summer Institute Participant - Google
  • College Advising Intern - Guided Pathway Support Program
Awards & Recognition
  • Ron Brown Scholar - Goldman Sachs Distinction
  • Leland Scholar
  • Gates Scholar
  • LEDA Career Fellow
  • African American Regional Education Alliances Award
  • DECA Northern CA Winner
  • Facebook’s TechSummer VR Technical Achievement Award
  • Freshman Coordinator - Ethiopian & Eritrean Student Association
  • Intern and App Creator - Society of Black Scientists and Engineers
  • #DiversifyOurNarrative - Director of Marketing
Fun Fact

I’m obsessed with anything mango-related. The easiest way to make my day is by getting me mango juice!