Calista Reyes

As a fellow at Artemis, Calista conducts research and analysis for different industries ranging from non-profit to healthcare organizations. She enjoys analyzing data, problem-solving, and learning how to generate effective business strategies with the team. She is most excited about working on inclusion, diversity, and equity projects.

Calista was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the U.S when she was five years old. Two years later, she picked up her very first golf club. She is now a rising junior at Stanford University majoring in Product Design with a minor in Economics and is also a member of the Stanford Women’s Golf Team. She has been a competitive golfer for 12 years, and has competed in 15 different states, as well as internationally in Mexico, Canada, and Scotland. Along with golf, Calista is passionate about identifying market opportunities and using the ideation process to discover possible solutions and ways to innovate current societal problems and inconveniences. She is also very interested in education reform and the creation of new learning platforms and programs for students. In the future, she hopes to transform, innovate, and improve the access and quality of education in the Philippines through the creation and introduction of new learning platforms and resources. During her free time, Calista enjoys reading, creating and finding new playlists on Spotify, playing the piano, and re-watching Friends episodes.
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  • Stanford University, B.S Engineering - Product Design, Minor in Economics
  • San Diego, CA
More about Calista
Professional Background
  • Consultant for Stanford Marketing Group
Awards & Recognition
  • Pac-12 All-Academic Honors
  • Two – time Rolex Junior All-American
  • Transamerica Scholastic Junior All-American
  • Stanford Women’s Golf Team
  • Stanford Marketing Group
  • Volunteer Coach, Tutor, and Mentor at Pro Kids, the First Tee of San Diego
  • Volunteer at the Southern California Golf Association Junior program (SCGA)
Fun Fact

Calista loves musicals! Her all-time favorite musical is Hamilton and she listens to the soundtrack from start-to-finish at least once a week!