Dana Bedessem

Engagement Manager

Dana loves collaborating with clients and coworkers to find solutions to problems. She works with clients to ensure we have a solid foundation for problem solving from beginning to end. She works with clients across industries from higher education to high tech and enjoys the unique set of challenges and value every industry and client brings to the table.
Dana’s philosophy is always one team one dream.
In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with her cat and husband, and thinking about how she really should start working out…

Areas of Expertise
  • Project management
  • Strategy design
  • Target segmentation
  • Go-to-market strategy and planning
  • Product innovation
  • University of Wisconsin––Madison, BA in Journalism
  • Minneapolis, MN
More about Dana
Professional Background
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Strategist, Zeus Jones
  • Account Manager, Highwire
  • Communication Strategy, Division of International Studies, University of Wisconsin––Madison
  • Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
  • MCC Refugee Resettlement Services
Past Clients
  • Fortune 50: Nestlé, 3M
  • Higher Ed
  • Non Profits: Forest Stewardship Council, Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Fun Fact

Dana once won a blind wine-tasting contest.