Katie Griffin


At Artemis, Katie collects and analyzes data to be applied to current projects for a higher ed institution client. The strategies Artemis uses to accomplish their goals and help their clients has impressed her from the very start. She really loves the effort that goes into the organization and communication of the company, personally believes those are two incredibly important components to being both successful and effective.
Her approach to work and life is to work hard and be consistent.
Outside of work and school, she likes to paint, go to the movies and theater with her family, see live music, and visit her sister wherever she is stationed. Next school term she plans to study abroad in Thailand where she will be completing a social justice program with a sociology major.

Areas of Expertise
  • Data collection & Analysis
  • Bellevue High School
  • Junior at Western Washington University
  • Bellingham, Washington
More about Katie
Professional Background
  • Data Entry for Wayfind Legal
  • Problem solving for a higher ed institution in the PNW
  • House-building and construction at Habitat for Humanity in Bellingham
Fun Fact

Katie has lived in 5 states: Virginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Washington.