Katie Winkelman


At Artemis I support the assessment and data analysis for finding solutions and meaning from surveys and other data. This involves a lot of reading, assessment, coding, staying up-to-date on qualitative analysis practices, and close examination of the nuances each data set has to offer. While some might find this excruciating, I find it fascinating and fun! As a self-proclaimed data nerd, I approach each data set with care, scrutiny, and curiosity, hoping to find meaningful and data-driven solutions. 

I especially love this work because there is so much that can be answered and solved through grounded theory research– what Artemis practices in their consulting. The possibilities are boundless when we closely examine strengths and weaknesses to discover the best outcomes possible for our clients. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Assessment and Analysis
  • BA in Communications and Business, with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior
  • Bellingham, Washington
More about Katie
Professional Background
  • Director of Environment and Sustainability, Western Washington University, June 2017- June 2019
  • Budget Analyst, Team lead, and day-of coordinator, TEDx WWU, October 2016- May 2018
  • Speech and Debate assistant Coach, Bellingham School District, October 2016- November 2017
  • Volunteer Child Care Coordinator, Lydia Place, September 2016- September 2018
Awards & Recognition
  • Bowman Family Leadership Award, 2016
  • Most Kind and Helpful Employee, Associated Students of WWU, 2017-2019
  • Construction Lead for Habitat for Humanity, 2014-2016
  • Volunteer Child Care Coordinator, Lydia Place, September 2016- September 2018
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp organizer, 2015-2016
  • Volunteer Media Coordinator, Photographer, Videographer, at Paradiso, Double Major, New West Fest, 2015-2018
Fun Fact

My current favorite podcast is “Wonderful!” with the Mcelroys, and my current favorite recipe is an awesome tomato sauce I learned to make when I was taking cooking classes in Italy last summer. I’m looking forward to pursuing a PHD in Organizational Behavior in the future, hopefully getting a dog, and making some time to travel, but for now being part of the Artemis team is incredibly rewarding.