Logan Pashby


Logan is a data-driven and passionate computer science undergraduate student with extensive strategic problem-solving experience. He’s seeking to leverage skills in deep learning algorithms and business strategy relevant to pragmatic solutions and real-world impact.


At Artemis, Logan fulfills the analyst role by generating key insights through making sense of ambiguity and synthesizing, aiding in developing real-world solutions to our clients’ problems, and learning the industry/story so impactful decisions can be made. He primarily works with clients in the tech industry due to his experience and understanding of the finer grain concepts. Logan’s approach to problem-solving involves engaging with the relevant information and then collaborating in an open, honest, and inclusive team to iterate and innovate.


When he’s not working, he either spends his time outdoors either rock climbing or hiking or is working on personal tech-related projects that somehow (no matter how marginal) optimize his life. 

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Areas of Expertise
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Strategic Problem Solving
  • Assessment, Analysis, & Synthesis
  • Remote Work
  • Western Washington University, BS Computer Science
  • Seattle, WA
More about Logan
Professional Background
  • Automation Engineer at SEND Transportation
  • Quanex Building Products- Production Assistant/ Engineering Intern
  • Clean Boats Clean Waters
  • Local musical ensembles
  • Inclusion committee at WWU Outdoor Center
Awards & Recognition
  • Member of the WWU Honors college
  • Distinguished Scholar in Computer Science/Math
  • Western Award for Excellence Scholarship
  • Listed on WWU President's List Every Quarter of Enrollment
Fun Fact

Logan was born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany.