Advancing better leadership 

Project Ascendance is a study on the racial and gender divide in STEM fields. Through the interviews being conducted, we’re building research and identifying ways for women and minorities to advance in their STEM careers.

We’re excited to share our findings in 2018

As an extension of our ongoing efforts towards gender and racial equity in the workforce, we are excited to announce a brand new program and certification tailored specifically for the entertainment industry. ASCEND is a multi-tier program that promotes the active sponsorship of women into leadership roles at studios, networks, agencies, creative organizations, and entertainment technology companies. Our mission is to play an active role in rebuilding the new standard for equality, inclusion and workplace conduct in the entertainment industry.

Diverse teams in the right conditions will yield the most innovative solutions. Organizations that promote diverse and inclusive cultures have proven to be high performing, agile, and much better positioned to attract and retain top talent. We want to help make organizations better places to work.  Let us help you assess where your organization is on its diversity and inclusion journey and to identify areas for improvement.