Sahver 15+ years of hands on experience with B2B and B2C businesses at all stages of their lifecycle.  She is a teacher, technologist and a strategist. Earlier, she taught high school physics and math classes in Turkey; then she worked as a software engineer at IBM, Nortel Networks in MA and as a senior strategy consultant at Deloitte in NY.  Later on, Sahver founded two startups, one by herself, and one with two MIT faculty members.

Most recently, after a successful exit from her own startup in early 2015, Sahver received multiple offers from multiple well funded startups based in the Silicon Valley.  In late 2015, Sahver was invited as the founding CEO to create a global digital marketing startup, based in Rotterdam, NL, built on cutting edge machine learning and morphing algorithms that were developed at MIT.  She enjoyed working with her own professors as she developed the SaaS business model based on Lean Startup Methodology, hired a CTO to create and develop the cloud architecture, completed the customer development cycle, and lined up the first  customers.  Eventually, Sahver left the company due to change in team’s vision for the company. Later on, the startup transformed itself to a small boutique consulting firm.  

Before becoming an independent business advisor, Sahver was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at iLab Ventures in Istanbul.  From 2000 – 2010, Sahver had progressively more strategic and innovation assignments at global B2B power houses such as IBM Software Group in Lexington, MA; Siemens Processes and Drives in Nuremberg, Germany; Deloitte Strategy & Operations in NYC; and Turkcell in Istanbul.

Her startup’s brand “Olivita”, which she built on Lean Startup Methodology, was selected as a research topic for an award winning graduate thesis at MIT Sloan School of Management in 2014.

As part of her thought leadership endeavors, Sahver writes a weekly column on Digital Economy for Turkey’s#1 selling newspaper, Hurriyet.

Sahver studied physics and math in undergrad and also received a pedagogy diploma. Later on, she received an MS in Information Systems from Northeastern University and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.