We are a strategy + design firm enabling innovation and growth in organizations.


We are strategists, designers, and educators grounded in data driven analysis, research & proven strategies made unique by our innovative, people-centric approach and our commitment to your vision. 

We know that innovative products and services can solve our society's hardest problems and that the outside perspective of consultants can help organizations reach their full potential. In this new knowledge economy, a human sustainable environment is necessary for creating the innovative solutions needed. We optimize the consulting environment for creativity and persistence to help organizations build innovative strategies.


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what our clients say...

"Artemis Connection team members are great catalysts for private equity firms wanting to align team with strategy. They freed up my time and delivered results. After working with them, our portfolio company has a data driven, simpler performance evaluation structure and employees understand how their individual work contributes to the overarching strategy." - Ty Schultz, Private Equity
"We're a next generation VC firm and thus we want our portfolio companies to have top tier support on demand. The Artemis team was a trusted partner, solid coach of key team members, readily available, and were honest about their findings. I felt like the team had our best interests at heart and truly wants us and our portfolio companies to be successful." - Kent Ho, Venture Capital and co-found of S28