Nonprofit Health Organization Boosts Intrapreneurial Capability

Artemis work on weaving a new integrated program through a health system results in nationally recognized weight management centers

About the Client

The client is an award-winning nonprofit health system with a a network of primary care and specialty clinics across the state. It has 34,000+ employees, including 5,000+ providers.

Goals and Challenges

The rate of adult obesity was rising in the client’s home state, following national trends. Obesity had a significant impact on cost and wellness, yet it didn’t neatly fit into any of the client’s traditional service lines, so it was difficult to help patients in a systematic way. 

To socialize comprehensive weight management for patients across the system, the project team needed to engage physicians, clinicians, nurses, and frontline staff with their strategy. 

The client also had a vision of facilitating an intrapreneurial mindset within their organization, and the launch of this project was a great opportunity to pilot how they could do that. 

Building an integrated program and fortifying collaboration from multiple stakeholders was a lot to take on. And as the client looked at the velocity at which obesity rates were rising in conjunction with the resulting co-morbidities and conditions, they needed to help their patients sooner rather than later.


The CEO felt that they could benefit from the help of an external strategy firm to significantly improve the program’s chances for success.

Though the client had worked with a variety of top consulting firms in the past, they chose Artemis Connection because the CEO had engaged them before and had seen the Artemis approach work in other service lines such as oncology, genomics, pharmacy, urgent care, eye care, and women’s health.


During the four-month project, Artemis worked with the client’s internal teams to build a complete engagement plan that respected people’s individual and shared priorities and kept the initiative moving forward. As a result, the project team’s level of trust with other groups was strengthened, and the client saw greater adoption of the recommendations.

Artemis closely studied the client’s operations and programs, then collaborated with clinicians, operators, and patients to identify the tools that would be most helpful for their needs. 

One result from Artemis’s work was that professionals within the health system were able to care for a larger number of obesity patients in a high-quality way. Moreover, primary care had the tools that equipped them to talk to patients about their weight before it was too late. 

Artemis also crafted a mission, vision, and set of strategic pillars that the team was proud of, and that gave them a north star to follow while pursuing their goal.

Within a few months after project completion, incremental revenue from the new initiatives had already covered Artemis’s fees.

Today, the client’s comprehensive weight management centers offer a physician-led, multi-disciplinary team approach that provides excellent care, produces quality outcomes, and drives improved health and well-being for all obese patients. 

In addition, employers and other health systems continue to reach out to the client because their outcomes and patient-centered approach are considered a model for the industry.

“In preparing for both executive and stakeholder meetings, Artemis came tremendously prepared and proved highly responsive to our questions and our challenges. When working with the Artemis team it felt like they were embedded as part of our team, but with an outside perspective – the best combination.”