Redefining Mission, Vision, and Values for a PE-Backed Company

Artemis’s enhancements to hiring, assessment, and retention processes catalyzed growth and led to a sale to a strategic buyer

About the Client

A private equity firm with more than $600M in assets under management was helping one of their portfolio companies, an end-to-end provider of video security technology, define the next stage of growth.


The VP of Operations for the PE firm wanted to position their portfolio company to embark on a new strategic path following the company’s transition from a previous owner.


The company lacked clarity and consistency in job descriptions, evaluation metrics, and performance review systems. 

And they didn’t have a strong set of Vision, Mission, and Values to guide organizational strategy and inform the HR processes for hiring, performance assessment, and retention.

The PE firm wanted to establish the company as an independent brand, grow revenue, and exit the business at a healthy multiple. But first, they needed to get the company’s strategy and recruitment in order.


The VP knew it would be beneficial to bring in an outside firm to build the new organizational strategy. Among all the partners the firm had worked with in the past, they felt that Artemis was the best aligned with their philosophy in this key area.


After a two-month period, Artemis updated and optimized the organizational strategy and HR processes by:

  • Creating an internal and external communications plan that contained a clear set of Vision, Mission, and Values. The VMV rollout guided the company’s strategic decision-making, and provided the standards and principles for the company to conduct their business.
  • Using the VMV to give the job descriptions the clarity needed to effectively hire and assess subsequent performance.
  • Translating newly-defined corporate values into a hiring rubric for current and future roles, allowing the company to streamline priority hiring and increase the odds of new-hire success.
  • Developing a performance review system that would help company managers define and evaluate teams and improve overall performance. This aligned management performance evaluations with organizational goals, and enabled evaluation at each level. 
  • Establishing an organization-wide OGSM framework that gave the company new financial and operational goals, and measurable performance targets by team. It also ensured that everyone was working toward the same objectives. 

After the Artemis team completed their work, the PE firm successfully scaled the business and sold it to a strategic buyer.

"Iteration wins. Artemis would get drafts out to us early so we had something concrete to react to. This let us get the work to a good spot faster. It took a while to get used to the scrappier, more entrepreneurial consulting model, but it let us actually build capabilities and ownership in the team."