Operations Strategy Catalyzes Change at Educational Institute

Artemis’ work putting a new operational strategy in place leads to the launch of several new revenue-generating programs

About the Client

The client designs and leads professional development institutes, workshops, and consultations globally. They empower educators, young people, and parents to transform their schools into caring and inclusive communities.

Goals and Challenges

The executive director and co-founder of the institute wanted to craft a long-term strategy with a two-fold objective: to become self-sustaining and have a bigger impact. 

The director was hopeful that the team would be able to tackle planning internally, but frustrated at the lack of alignment. And despite the best of intentions to make changes, the team kept slipping back into ingrained habits. 

On top of that, COVID-19 had significantly disrupted their business, and one of the founders was moving away from day-to-day responsibility into a chairperson role. The director realized that the institute had an opportunity to accelerate growth, but there was no clear plan to support their trajectory.

It was the perfect moment for making a change, and they knew they needed outside help.


Artemis was brought in to help the executive team develop a shared vision for the future growth of the organization and to operationalize the strategy.

The institute selected Artemis because the team was comfortable with the approach, and it was clear to the director that Artemis cared about the institute’s values.


One of the client’s first steps was to review the plans for quick wins that would build momentum and bring more attention to their work. 

Artemis led client teams in workshops to facilitate problem-solving and idea expression to help them achieve clarity and confidence. The Artemis team adjusted their approach and focus in the moment and after each session.

According to the director, “it was actually the process we went through with Artemis that really impressed, and demonstrated how well they knew our needs and our team dynamic.”

Over a 12-week period, Artemis drove the work that helped the client:

  • Introduce professional coaching services
  • Launch an advisory group and board
  • Commercialize their online workshop series
  • Host their first educator meetup of 2021, focused on trauma-informed care and anti-racist teaching, which had 200 people registered from around the world
  • Meet with most of their associate facilitators, who were excited about working with the organization in new ways

In addition, the team united around a new set of mission, vision, and values, which will steer the institute through their next phase of growth.

The executive director and his group came out of the Artemis engagement with a clear understanding of the organization’s purpose, what made them unique, and what actions they could take to maintain their competitive advantage. 

The director’s tips for engaging with Artemis are to be direct and vulnerable about what is holding you and your organization back—and to plan carefully to be sure your team has ample space and time to reflect, debrief, and process the experience.

"Honestly, and I say this from my heart, the work you did with us has been transformative. As a team, we have a shared language, a clearer sense of direction, and a confidence to make stuff happen! My only regret is that we didn’t meet and work with Artemis 10 years ago."