Video-Sharing Platform Links Intrapreneurship to Strategy

Artemis helps marketing team rise above internal resource constraints to understand competitive landscape and growth opportunities 

About the Client

The client is an international media company with a platform for user-generated content across the globe. The company offers free and subscription-based content, and user-generated as well as corporate-sponsored videos.


The client’s Strategic Partnership and Marketing Lead was seeking external support for their annual planning and budget allocation process.


What the client wanted to get done would have required much more time and bandwidth than the project team had available. 

The internal team was working too many hours, and needed a trusted partner who could adapt to their culture, get things done, and not bring drama.


The client selected Artemis because of the Artemis team’s willingness to drive strategy, along with their hyper-focus on getting things done, which stood out compared to the other potential partners they talked to.


During the four-month engagement, Artemis worked with the internal team to add capacity, which included developing strategic materials and stimulating productive meetings. 

Additionally, Artemis helped the in-house team adopt an intrapreneurial mindset and become more focused on getting results and working together. The rhythm of the business improved with more organization, consistency, and visibility. And the client was better able to link operations to strategy.

Deliverables included:

  • Comprehensive report on the strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities globally and in key markets, including the implications for marketing
  • Summary report for 2019 including objectives and key results by team and focus area
  • Recommended advertising budget and promotional spend for 2019 by region and market
  • Narrative reports tailored to key internal audiences

When asked what advice they would give a future Artemis client, the Strategic Partnership and Marketing Lead said, “Share as much about your culture and how you work as possible. If you can get specific on someone who was not a good fit for the culture, that information will be good for Artemis to know as they form a team for you.”

"Again, I want to thank you for your team's help. They really pushed me to think harder and to work smarter. They do this while bringing energy to everyone they interact with."