Artemis connection is a strategy consulting firm.

We're built upon the idea that a company's ability to execute upon an idea is just as important as the greatness of the ideas themselves. So many innovative leaders have technicolor visions for the future of their company—but end up frustrated and confused as to why reality is falling short. Others go through periods of immense growth & adaptation but find that they are losing the things that have made their company great.  

Our mission is to partner with organizations to build amazing strategies that are easy to execute and have a positive impact for both their employees and their external communities. 

We believe that at the root of every company's success there are three things:

Plans        +          PROCESS        +            PEOPLE

All of our projects center on analyzing, optimizing, and aligning one or more of the three. But even if we're just working with you on improving one element we will ensure our recommendations align with your strategy for the other two. 

What is Strategy Consulting?

We get this question a lot. There are a lot of answers out there—because every strategy engagement ends up looking a little bit different. At its roots, strategy consulting is about analyzing all aspects of a company to build a roadmap to achieving their goals. 

But to us, being impactful strategists is about more than just building a plan. It's about considering the short term and the long term. It's about understanding the how and the why before we're proposing any changes. It's about listening and analyzing before we act. And in the words of one of our team members, "It's about honesty, backed by truth"


For case studies and more information on working with us, please don't hesitate to contact us