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Bringing smart organizations together often results in better outcomes, which is why Artemis seeks to collaborate with visionary leaders who tackle tough problems.

From increasing and improving financial and economic education in K-12 Washington State schools to developing purpose-driven results through sustainable business practices, we are committed to local and global positive change through alliances with companies that share a similar vision.

Our current

Washington Council for Economic and Financial Education

The Washington Council for Economic and Financial Education (WaCEFE ) is a non-profit working in tandem with Western Washington University and Artemis Connection to improve the quality of economic and financial education for students in K-12 by providing professional development to educators and funding economics classes in high schools throughout the state. The council is led by some of the brightest minds in economics education and industry partners who believe in the personal and professional impact of economics knowledge.

Artemis and WaCEFE are both dedicated to improving the state of financial and economics education in Washington State. By partnering with Artemis, WaCEFE has hosted roundtables with influential economists, been the official organizer for the National Economics Challenge (NEC) in Washington State, and has led research on important topics in economics and finance, such as Diversity at US PE firms. In the future, you can anticipate more events, more research and initiatives that showcase the importance of strong educational foundation. Stay tuned!

Financial Education Public Private Partnership

FEPPP (Financial Education Public Private Partnership) emerged out of legislation in the mid 2000s.  It is an organization committed to advancing financial education to all students in the state of Washington. Special emphasis is given to underserved areas, with the understanding that the impact there can be especially powerful. In an unusual structure, this partnership brings together stakeholders from the public sector - teachers, school districts - and the private sector - financial institutions.  Private sector partners volunteer time and provide financial support. The WA legislature has also provided financial support and staff. In working together, FEPPP is able to bring first-rate financial education to students with a modest direct investment by taxpayers. 

Artemis has worked with FEPPP and its precursors for over a decade. Most recent support is centered around getting teachers trained to confidently educate their students about personal and family financial topics. As part of this, Artemis worked closely with FEPPP leadership to develop and roll out the initial grant process so that school districts could fund their teachers' Professional Development. FEPPP and Artemis have also focused on data collection and tracking in order to retain the commitment of partners and the WA legislature. At every step of the way, the goal of the FEPPP/Artemis team has been to provide exceptional financial education to the broadest possible WA audience.


Lynxeye is NYC/Stockholm/Singapore-based management consulting firm specializing in purpose-driven brand transformation (Purpose Index). For over 25 years they have focused on growth strategy, innovation, and design (e.g., positioning, value proposition, GTM strategy, customer experience, brand identity) and partnered with 500+ companies across 30 diverse markets. Their specialized industry expertise, focused in Europe, Asia, and the United States, is in consumer goods, food and grocery retail, banking and finance, and the automobile industries.

Artemis and Lynxeye have brought together diverse teams of professionals, each with unique skill sets, to solve challenging problems for our clients. Our collaboration has been fueled by our dedication to creating a brighter future and our like-minded passion for purpose.


NewImpact is a Seattle-based nonprofit established in 2021, committed to revolutionizing global problem-solving approaches. By promoting a tri-sector mindset, they aim to amplify innovation by harnessing resources and aligning interests across private, social, and public sectors. They strive for progress that benefits both people and the planet by prioritizing transparency and self-sustainability through inspiring, enabling, and activating companies, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Artemis and NewImpact have joined forces to advance tri-sector innovation. By aligning interests and leveraging existing resources, we aim to harmonize profit-driven objectives with social impact goals for enhanced collective efficacy across sectors. Artemis's collaboration with NewImpact encompasses workshops, coaching, and strategic consulting, aimed at fostering innovation and addressing pressing societal issues. Together, we advocate for a focus on meaningful problem-solving and championing purpose-driven innovation to drive positive change.

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