Multibillion-dollar entertainment company

Major family-oriented brand facing cultural shifts learns to modernize and thrive alongside generational change.


increased retention


increased diversity in the team in 1 year


Silicon Valley techpreneurs were poaching the key talent and tech behind a values-driven family-oriented brand. Due to changes in leadership and the rapid deterioration of the values-driven culture, employee turnover was increasing for the first time in the company’s 75-year history, and attracting Gen Z and Millennials to their parks was becoming an insurmountable challenge.


The client was experiencing dangerously high turnover, its profitability and morale were at risk, and they were experiencing a disconnect from a key audience segment.


Through interviews, surveys, and quantitative market research, we helped the company understand where its value proposition wasn’t clearly connecting with its values, contributing to employee and customer attrition. We helped the client develop a clear valuation proposition based on the needs of a newer audience, the Gen Z and millennial groups, and drew clear lines of branding, strategy, communication, hiring, and incentives to more clearly connect with their steadfast values.

We also analyzed the client’s technical capabilities and inbound data to gather new and continuing insights into consumer preferences and habits.


We created an entirely new branded story linking values to the value proposition targeted at Gen Z and Millennials, to attract and retain top talent from these age groups.

We embedded more values-based diagnostics into talent attraction and hiring processes to ensure future employees were driven by and committed to the core values of the company.

We recommended employee incentives on a consistent basis for values-driven behaviors and customer interactions promoting the core values, and helped the client leverage new communication channels to share rewards and increase role modeling.

The company is now one of the most sought-after places to work for Gen Z and Millenials.

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