Multibillion dollar semiconductor company

Facing sector decline and innovation stagnation, global semiconductor firm realigns for more effective product cycle, promoting greater efficiency, growth, and product-market fit.


increase in early collaboration with ecosystem which drives alignment of product definition with customer needs


est. improvement on prioritization of resources


2x decision making speed via centralization and reprioritization of resources and direct alignment with front-line teams


  • Large incumbent, known for innovation
  • The rise of competition both domestically and internationally was making it harder for the client to compete and innovation
  • In transitioning to a data-centric model, Intel has faced challenges with their organizational size, structure, and management. From an engineering perspective, what insights can Intel use from their main competitors who main competitors (NVIDIA, AMD and Apple) have been rapidly and successfully growing in the last few years


Sector was under financial pressure. Layoffs were happening. Leadership was focused on cost cutting which made it difficult to think about innovation and future growth opportunities. In addition, the majority of the leadership team and R&D / design team had worked at the client for 20+ years and did not have a good pulse on what was happening externally.


Assess and baseline current states with subject matter experts. Through this identified 4 areas where work matters

  • How they define each product: centralized decision-making and early collaboration with ecosystems drive alignment among leadership and implementation teams, and customers
  • How they set their schedules: input from front-line managers and communication among implementation teams ensure schedules are realistic
  • How they adhere to their schedules: centralized and independent progress tracking function ensures schedules are kept; back-up plans for less certain features build confidence in deadlines
  • How they innovate: separating innovation from product development processes enabling experimentation without delivery delays; rigorous reviews drive focused innovation


After splitting two major working groups apart, aligned the centers of expertise more closely to increase the speed of learning and pertinent inputs from external sources. Infused the early influence of key stakeholder/customer/ecosystem insights into the product definition and phase 1 engineering.

Implemented and end to end focused program to realign incentives, ensure common objectives (stability vs innovation), and developed new innovation learning milestones to enhance maturity of product earlier in the build cycle. Worked hand in hand with management to make a mindset shift across the organization, from pure cost cutting, to increased operational efficiency and growth reprioritization.

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