See how Artemis helps corporate intrapreneurs, ops professionals, and team leaders reach their goals

Your Intrapreneurship Experts

  • With the agility and responsiveness of an entrepreneurial team, we thrive on finding answers that lead to growth.
  • We assess where you are and where you want to be, then craft a unique plan to get you there. And we strengthen your in-house capabilities to ensure continued innovation and transformation.
  • You’ve got the vision of where you want to go, but not enough time or bandwidth to make the journey alone. We supercharge your team and build a roadmap for sustained, scalable progress.

How Can We Help You Reach Your Goals?

  • If you’re an intrapreneur launching a new product or division, we can help you find opportunities, develop a product, and take it to market.
  • If you’re an operations professional, whether at a PE firm, large foundation, or family office, we can help you define an organizational strategy, recruit and retain talent, and foster an intrapreneurial mindset.
  • Separately, if you’re a team leader in need of an embedded consultant, we can help you find and staff a consultant (or strategy and operations generalist) for a short-term project or long-term role; fractional Chief Strategy Officers are right up our alley.

What we do to drive growth

Vision, Purpose, Strategy

  • Redefining mission, vision, and strategic pillars to guide decisions and culture, implement change across external/internal comms, talent review and talent acquisition
  • Assessing competitive landscape and growth opportunities
  • Ideate and iterate on brand definition and unique advantage in the marketplace
  • Creating a disciplined innovation process
  • Getting portfolio companies to the next stage of growth

Write the Roadmap and implement change

  • Craft the workplan for change across the organization
  • Lead multi-disciplinary teams to enable change and create feedback mechanisms and knowledge sharing
  • Re-center the organization on its vision, purpose and strategy to embed in all aspects of communications, evaluations and decision-making processes

Business Building

  • Creating custom-tailored plans to launch a new venture
  • Due-diligence like approach for an existing nascent business to quantify upside
  • Developing product strategy and go-to-market plans
  • Crafting optimal organizational structures within large organizations
  • Building internal innovation capabilities and support system, for long term success


  • Partner on priority initiatives within the US public sector (State, Federal) to tackle challenging problems affecting key constituencies
  • Building roadmaps for impact, anchored to priorities voiced by beneficiaries and program owners
  • Refine and communicate key success metrics


  • Launching a new intrapreneurial social impact business
  • Reviewing membership structures and fundraising targets to redefine growth opportunities
  • Building roadmaps for impact, anchored to a theory of change and target outcomes

How We Are Different

Emboldened by our Values

Leading Honest Conversations: Test and Learn

We can help you incubate risky endeavors in a test-lab environment, before you roll out the MVP across bigger internal environments.  We can lead honest conversations with your leadership teams, where political equity typically gets in the way of progress.

Giving you time back

For your top priority projects, where your key talent already has a full plate, come to us when you need 100% focus. We’ll give you and your teams time back as we work on the solution for you and build the implementation plan with you. Your teams will know what to do differently tomorrow, instead of having a static playbook sitting on the coffee table.

Building forecasting muscles

With our work across sectors, and our decades of experience, we’ll help  you anticipate where future friction will inhibit growth and satisfaction both of your end consumers, key stakeholders and your employees