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Growth is harder than ever. When it comes to resources, yesterday's necessities are today's luxuries. Headcounts are frozen or have been reduced. Retaining top talent is no longer guaranteed. Artemis works with business builders, government leaders, and nonprofit executives who want to take on the challenge of growing in this environment and do so in a sustainable and human-centered way.

How we can help you reach your goals?

We work with business builders to find opportunities, develop products, expand into new markets, scan markets for merger & acquisition potential, and build go-to-market strategies.

We help operations professionals allocate budget and headcount, define organizational strategy, recruit and retain talent, and foster an intrapreneurial mindset.

Team leaders need the right people for the role. We have a deep bench of consultants, strategy and operations generalists, and fractional executive roles such as Chief Strategy Officers.

How our teams work

We tailor our team to meet your specific needs. Most often, our teams are set-up in one of the following arrangements.

Assess and baseline current states with subject matter experts
10-16 WEEKS
Catalyze high priority projects quickly
Add seasoned talent to your operating team for a set period of time

What we do to drive growth

Strategy Icon
Societal trends analysis
Market opportunities
Human motivation analysis
Innovation Icon
Geographic expansion
Business building
Product/Process Innovation
Strategy validation
Branding, including but not limited to naming and packaging
Innovation portfolio assessment
Purpose-driven branding
Executive Coaching Icon
Executive Coaching
Executive coaching (first 100 days, first CEO role)
Leadership coaching, supporting diverse leaders in new roles
Lead team coaching, team kick-off, executive offsite to improve team vision and harmony
Best practices and capability-building for a hybrid workforce 2.0 (e.g. post-pandemic)
Strategy Icon
Deal sourcing
Customer and customer segment analysis
Geographic expansion
Data measurement and insights
Domain expertise
Implementation Icon
Operational playbooks for new strategy
Organizational model adaptation
Real-time training, helping to build future leaders
Scalable training module creation to increase effectiveness across the organization
Operating system launches that align with priorities
Process evaluation to improve efficiency and deprioritize outdated or unecessary practices that don’t align with strategy or values
Recommendations to support communications and meeting effectiveness

Key examples of our work

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