How to onboard new employees when you're remote or hybrid

Remote and hybrid setups amplify the challenges of bringing new people into an organization. Already, prior to the pandemic, just 12% of workers strongly agreed that their company did a great job of onboarding new employees. And now the shift to ways of working that are less place and time specific can make it even more difficult for new hires to absorb the culture and norms of a business, build trust with colleagues, and improve their skills by observing others.

I always do a little backstory of how I never thought I'd be an entrepreneur. In fact, I swore I wouldn't be, but it ended up happening. I founded Artemis six years ago in March and it really was around how necessity is the mother of invention. I was working these really great corporate jobs, doing corporate strategy, growth and innovation, etc. I was pregnant with twins and then they ended up coming early—seven weeks early. We spent a month in the NICU, and then they wanted us to keep them out of childcare for two years.